Friday, December 4, 2009

life's little luxuries

1. A spritz of Fracas parfum.* 2. Curling up on the couch on a rainy night to watch Mad Men. 3. A fluffy little dog to cuddle. 4. Applying the perfect shade of Chanel lipstick.** 5. Lying in a hammock in summertime, reading and eating green grapes. 6. A fresh, glossy blowdry. 7. Spring water with a slice of lemon, served in a wine glass. 8. New Garance Doré posts and romantic text messages. 9. French kissing. 10. Being wrapped in a warm towel, fresh from the dryer, after a long bath.***

* outstanding note of tuberose, a variety of flowers (mostly white) - jasmine, jonquil, lily of the valley, white iris and a touch of pink geranium, top notes of bergamot, mandarin and hyacinth, infused at the heart with a whisper of orange and a base note of sandalwood, vertiver and musk... so lovely!
** mine is the rouge allure laque in "ming"
*** here is an opportunity for a boyfriend/lover/partner/ fiancé/husband to prove himself useful

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