Thursday, September 9, 2010

the banquet

"According to Aristophanes in Plato's The Banquet, in the ancient world of legend there were three types of people. In ancient times people weren't simply male or female, but one of three types : male/male, male/female or female/female. In other words, each person was made out of the components of two people. Everyone was happy with this arrangement and never really gave it much thought. But then God took a knife and cut everyone in half, right down the middle. So after that the world was divided just into male and female, the upshot being that people spend their time running around trying to locate their missing half."
— Haruki Murakami (Kafka on the Shore)


Anonymous said...

I love Kafka on the Shore!

Laura Valerie said...

Me too... I first heard of this story in Elizabeth Gilbert's Committed, it is so beautiful, and true to life! xx

me said...
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me said...
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natalieW said...

I love this :)

Ps: I tried to post comments, but there is something wrong with my computer, it didnt get through :(

Love your blog btw x

Laura Valerie said...

Oh don't worry Natalie, that happens to me all the time, too! Thank you so much for trying, and your lovely comment xx