Monday, November 16, 2009

9. detox and decorate my bedroom

Although I don't have faith in the spiritual aspect of Feng Shui, it seems to be common sense that my inordinate amount of clutter is weighing me down - so I have decided to detox my room and, for once, I am going to be callous!

Things to Keep:

1. All my books. 2. Photos. 3. My favourite clothes, accessories and beauty products. 4. Journals. 5. Magazine collection. 6. Spare buttons. 7. Pieces that match my decor.

Things to Throw or Give Away:

1. Clothes I haven't worn during the past year. 2. Old schoolbooks. 3. Bank statements. 4. Anything purchased from a surf store. 5. Cheap jewellery. 5. Shoes scuffed beyond repair. 6. Beauty products I don't need. 7. Ornaments and porcelain dolls from my childhood. 8. Old birthday cards.

Things to Buy:

1. Bedding to emulate the picture above. 2. A vintage jewellery box. 3. Fiona Kate storage boxes and labels. 4. Renee home fragrance and candles. 5. New pillows. 6. DCO ice slab photo frames.

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