Monday, July 5, 2010


I have been bombarded with braids lately. First, my best friend Kimberley posted this and this on her blog, Glued to My Chest. Next, lovely Zoe Foster chatted about and photographed her magnificent travel braid. And finally, I saw these gorgeous pictures on Primped of a versatile braid sported by Nicole Ritchie.

So... I am now obsessed with braids. I have been wearing one almost everyday for the last few weeks. They're perfect for evening, casual, work and the gym. They look fresh, even after a few days between washes, and they are versatile - I can do hair up, hair down, curly, straight, wavy, au naturel, elegant, boho, ladylike, cute. You get the idea.

By the way... today one of my customers called and referred to me as "the girl with the braid". I don't really know why, but that made me happy.


Kimberley said...

Ohhh... you know how much I love braids. I am just so jealous that you can do it and I cant!! I've been trying, I will get it eventually!
I love that picture of Jessica Alba, she looks so beautiful!

Laura Valerie said...

She does, doesn't she? I love her eye makeup too!

It's just practice!

KristineJones said...

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