Sunday, July 25, 2010

some things I'm loving this week

I am toying with the idea of doing a few recurrent series of posts. Some of my favourite bloggers do it (Sarah Wilson, Yasemin Turker, Sarah Ayoub), so I thought I would shamelessly imitate them. I'll start with "10 day cycles" (every 10 days, just to be clear) and weekly "some things I am loving", every Sunday morning. I stole the latter from Primped, because I love Yasemin's weekly "5 things I'm loving this week" posts. Of course, mine will be a little different because there will be no video (I'm sorry, I'm just not technically savvy enough to figure that out) and I won't be showcasing (just) beauty products... plus I'm not going to restrict it to five things. I hope that this consistency will make me a more reliable blogger while I'm busy with uni, which starts again tomorrow. Even if I don't have the time to update as frequently as I'd like, at the very least I'll have those posts up regularly.

So here are my lovable things of the moment...

1. Mad Men Season 3
The fourth season of this brilliant series goes to air tonight in the US, so my brother and I decided to reacquaint ourselves with the show this weekend, in anticipation. Mad Men is just so irresistible it is such an elegant, slick show with a subtle richness and depth. Tom and Lorenzo do fantastic recaps after each episode, as well as gorgeous "Mad Style" posts.

This collection of political commentator Annabel Crabb's funny, insightful columns is essential pre-election reading. It's so compelling that I've abandoned my planned reading list for it. Also worth watching is Annabel's interview with Julian Morrow on The Monthly's Slow TV.

I read this article by my favourite tweeter Alain de Botton the other night and found myself nodding along vehemently. As an atheist, I often feel a little dejected. After all, we don't have our own schools, congregations or meeting-places... A little unfair, no?

In this article, Alain explores the ideas ruminated by 19th century French sociologist Auguste Compte. An atheist himself, he proposed a "religion of humanity", involving secular churches, sermons and art, the essence of his philosophical-religious world-view being "connais-toi pour t'ameliorer" or "know yourself to improve yourself". Unfortunately, poor Compte was largely ridiculed and ignored, and he died without seeing any of his proposals take hold, which is sad. As Alain concludes, Compte's thinking "attempted to rescue some of what is beautiful, touching, reasonable and wise from what no longer seems true"... which is beautiful in and of itself.

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I was directed to this beautiful site by Sarah Wilson. Aran is a food stylist, photographer and trained chef who utilises her talents to share mouth-watering gluten-free dishes and their recipes on her blog. She truly embodies the "mindful eating" movement savouring not only the meal itself, and the nourishment it provides our bodies, but also the art of creating and sharing it with others. I'm so excited to try some of her recipes next week.

I have been using this luxurious cleanser for the past month and it is magnificent. Described as "possibly... the best cleanser in the world" by Vogue UK, it leaves my skin feeling balanced, nourished and silky soft every night. A cleanser/toner/exfoliant in one, this is now a staple in my beauty regime. I don't think I'll ever let this gem go! Available exclusively in Australia at Mecca Cosmetica.

Kimberley at Glued to My Chest pointed out this whimsy, witty photo story by cute Melbourne author Andrew McDonald... you can click on the link above to take a peek.

I think I'm in love (the suit! the smile! the face!). Sorry, Andy.


Anonymous said...

Ella I adore Mad Men. Am watching the third series too and it is so hard for me to not watch the entire series in one sitting. It is delicious!

Laura Valerie said...

Me too! Doesn't it draw you in so masterfully, without you even noticing?

I'm going to watch the first episode of the fourth season tonight... I am so excited!