Friday, October 1, 2010

my 10 things

Today, Sarah Wilson posted a list of her 10 essential things, as inspired by mnmlist. I loved it, and so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and write one of my own. The idea is to diverge from the traditional lists provided by celebrities in glossy magazines, listing their favourite lipglosses and designer jeans as things they just cannot live without. I'll admit that I am not quite as virtuous as Sarah, and so my pleasures are not quite so organic - I do have a weakness for pleasures of a materialistic, superfluous or luxurious nature. I am trying to improve myself in that way, but it is so hard to resist the consumer culture around me that never fails to convince me that my life will be complete once I have that book, those shoes or that mascara in my possession. Of course, the purchase only propels me to want something else. I never learn! My first instinct was to hold off on writing this post until I was better; "cured", you might say, of my Achilles' heel. But in the end, I decided to just be completely honest; and once the list was completed, I realised that it wasn't so bad, after all.

1. What I wear: like Sarah, I tend to wear the same things over and over. Over winter, I wore my Morrison dresses, leopard scarf, ballerina flats and Ode to No-One jacket almost everyday. (You can see them here.) If it was cold, I would replace the jacket with my pink wool Alannah Hill coat. Now the weather is hotter, I wear a Morrison dress (my favourite is a white cotton) with sandals.

2. What I eat: bad things, generally! But one food I really love that nourishes me to the core is salmon. I buy it in bulk at the local seafood shop and poach it, a few at a time. That way, I have a yummy lunch for uni that fills me up and gives me the brain power to get me through the afternoon. Oh, and it makes my skin glow!

3. How I hydrate: In winter, I drink green tea. T2 is my favourite. When summer comes around, I make my own juices. I have a blender and a juicer so I mix all sorts of concoctions together (whatever my mum has bought at the shops that week). It's fun.

4. My essential writing tool: Synotes, on my iPad. It is just a simple note-taking app but there is something about it that makes ideas flow. I use it to brainstorm at least once a day.

5. My essential online aid: same as Sarah, Instapaper. It's brilliant.

6. What delights me: the warm, welcoming, enveloping hug from my boyfriend Andy when we haven't seen each other in a while. We have been together for nearly seven years but he still gives me butterflies.

7. What inspires me: definitely Sarah's blog, no secret there. If I need a little extra, I will visit my oft-neglected tumblr feed or StumbleUpon, another iPad app that scrounges up webpages according to what interests me (poetry, articles, pictures).

8. How I find "space": as I have mentioned before, I find it really hard to switch off. Whenever I am within the grasp of an internet connection, book or tv, I feel the need to feed my mind, even when that food isn't exactly nourishing. The only time I really have no option other than to take a break is while I am driving. I have to do a lot of driving; it is 30 minutes to Andy's house, 20 minutes to uni, somewhere in between to work. My car radio broke over a year ago so when I am in the car, I think. I often talk to myself. Sometimes, if I need a little gentle inspiration, I will listen to some familiar music on my iPhone or iPad. Joshua Radin, Scott Spark, John Mayer, Ben Lee, Missy Higgins and Florence and the Machine are my favourites.

9. My guilty pleasure: there are a lot of them, but one of them is buying books. I love visiting bookstores (my favourite is here) and I rarely walk away without having bought a book (or ten) that caught my eye. The problem is that I just don't have time to read them all, and I can never commit to just one at any one time because there are so many delicious options.

10. What nourishes me: those inspirational videos on YouTube, like this. They fill up my heart and remind me that the world really is full of love and warm, fuzzy moments. Oh, and quotes. I love finding a snippet of somebody else's thoughts that reflect my own fears, hopes or musings.

I would love to hear other people's 10 things. Please share them in the comments or write a blog post and post a link here, if you are so inclined! x


Bianca said...

I love this idea of 10 things; its nice to see what other people find inspiring!

Ash said...

I tried to write a list as well after seeing Sarah's but I couldn't think of anything that I could certainly say I couldn't be without, haha. Don't get me wrong i know there are things Im just so gosh darn indecisive lol that I can't make my mind up.

But I decided on one thing, lately I've come to realise that I feel a lot better when I'm drinking tea like you and Sarah said, so I would say tea would be on that list.

Like you I like green

-and sometimes green tea & jasmine
-Hampstead Fennel Tea
-Hampstead Rosheip Hibiscus
-French Earl Grey from Tea2

I could go on and on...

sorry for the ramble!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Kimberley said...

I absolutely loved Sarah's post yesterday. It reminded me of you! I am slowly becoming more and more obsessed with her blog (probably because of you), it's so beautiful and her posts are so inspiring.
I love this idea of 10 things, I will have to think about what are mine! I also love the pictures on this post, so beautiful!

natalieW said...

Hi Laura this is what I post in Sarah's blog yesterday. It was just in a spur of the moment. I want to maybe rewrite it in my blog which include makeup,item of clothing, things.
I love yours, I love leopard scarf too!(also leopard dress) and I also love quotes, Sarah's blogs and buying books whenever I pass a bookstore. and rarely have time to read them.

My top 10 is
1. dancing. for me dancing is an expression, an art, when you dance you feel fit, young, (high!), a bit insane and in your own world. You r happy and you are feeling the music. you experience art not through looking at it, admiring from afar, but by experiencing it with your mind and body.
(its an exercise too!)

2. watching performance art..
Its live and I can feel the adrenalin rush from the performers (and audience). Every session of performance art is different, because the audiences are always different and the performers get the different energy each night and reflect back different energy. Its like experiencing one of its kind.

3. I love Strangers who smile (one time one bus driver greeted cheerfully every single passengers who board the bus ‘Hello!Good Morning!!’ with the biggest smile. He definately made my day, got me to smile and think how beautiful the morning is (it’s 6 o’clock in one (miserable) winter morning.. Love his enthusiasm and happy positive attitude.
I love a saying which says ‘Be the best not in, but for the world.’
I love especially unexpected nice gestures.

4. I love to see people who take pride on their work. Whatever that work is. I particularly admire teachers and farmers.

5. my favourite taste – is the first sip of coffee when I just got up. I also like to sniff them :)

6. my favourite traits – humility (and isnt this the hardest) I also believe that when nobody knows thats you just did a good deed, the universe will respond/gv it back to you even more than human does.

7. my favourite feeling – the feeling of laying down with the pillow on my head and closing my eyes when I havent sleep for days.

8. Favourite sight = sunsets (it is beautiful in its mysterious ways), old couple holding hands. Airports (its the place where ppl are excited and new adventures begin), smiling children.

9. Giving back = yes I lose my material possession/time/energy but I always get another level of satisfaction (I read in Oprah that by sacrificing what we want for the greater goods can boost our happiness to another level) which I find it very true.

10. having a passion for life. never lose that inner child. Be interested and interesting,excited and see the miraculous in the common. having a job which is my 'calling'.

11. (which I didnt write yesterday) inspirational blogs such as Sarah and yours, COMEDY(to laugh), leopard print anything (even I like zebra print too ) :)

How do you stack your books? I just post some pictures of amazing bookshelves in my blog. Now I feel like even buying more books :(

Laura Valerie said...

Thank you Bianca and Kimberley!

Natalie, I love your list :) I wish I could dance, and I love old couples holding hands too. I saw your bookshelf post, it was so beautiful! I just stack my books in my cupboard, it's not very exciting, but now I am inspired to be more creative.

Ash, thank you so much for the tea suggestions, I will have to try some :)

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

What a gorgeous list. For me, writing, laughing, travelling, eating delicious food and good relationships (with families/friends/lovers/strangers/whoever! :) ) would definitely be on my list!

Oh, Natalie.. said...

Oh & I meant to post that I wrote one -

Laura Valerie said...

Thank you for sharing Corrine and Nat!

Corrine, I cannot believe I forgot writing! I think this list is more of a "10 things I like" as opposed to "the only 10 things I need in life". I am no mnmlist lol, xx

sara.h638 said...

Here's mine!! :)

Laura Valerie said...

Thank you Sarah! I actually read your list earlier, when you linked it on Sarah Wilson's blog :) I love hot baths too, and those hot springs sound divine!