Friday, July 23, 2010

the one hundred

Last year, I started writing a list of things that I want to do in my lifetime. Some people told me that I was being morbid - assuming that "in my lifetime" was synonymous with "before I die" - but I'm hoping for the best, and that is that I will be lucky enough to be able to achieve all of these things, somewhere along the line. These are the things I have already accomplished.

1. Travel to Paris

2. Live in a foreign country

3. Travel alone

4. Buy a house

5. Go to Edinburgh Comedy Festival

6. Take dance classes

7. Have a fluent conversation in French

8. Run a marathon

9. Take cooking classes in Greece

10. Take a road trip around Europe

11. Adopt a dog from the pound

12. Join a charity

13. Go mountain hiking in New Zealand

14. Get a doctorate

15. Get published

16. Learn Italian

17. Take photography classes

18. Travel to every continent

19. Learn massage

20. Meet a kindred spirit

21. Give blood

22. Live in a seaside town

23. Swim with dolphins

24. Travel around Australia

25. Become an organ donor

26. Be a mother

27. Learn to surf

28. Fall in love

29. Go on an African safari

30. Go skiing in Canada

31. Walk the Great Wall of China

32. Go on a backpacking trip

33. Learn Yoga

34. Achieve all High Distinctions for one semester at uni

35. Learn and memorise four piano pieces

36. Attend Glastonbury festival

37. Learn meditation

38. See the Northern Lights

39. Swim in geothermal pools in Iceland

40. Travel to Israel

41. Learn to make my own clothes

42. Have a beautiful home

43. Go to lifestyle retreat in Australia

44. Spend a summer in Paris

45. Buy a hammock for my backyard

46. Spend New Year’s Eve in New York

47. Ride a bicycle around The Netherlands

48. Swim under a waterfall

49. Learn Pilates

50. Make beautiful cupcakes

51. Do a first-aid course

52. See a Broadway play

53. Own a business (or part thereof)

54. Work as a teacher (at university, school or TAFE)

55. Attend a fashion show

56. Take art classes

57. Study Buddhism

58. Fly first class

59. Attend an Olympic Games

60. Sponsor a child

61. Do volunteer work overseas

62. Give $20 to a beggar

63. Go to a Christmas service at Notre Dame

64. Learn to snowboard

65. Grow and cultivate a beautiful pink rosebush

66. Watch the sun rise over Machu Picchu, Peru

67. Create an inspiration scrapbook for my daughter

68. Find inner peace

69. Build perfect capsule wardrobe

70. See Miami

71. Buy a Chanel bag

72. Go to Borneo to walk amongst Orang Utans

73. Go camping somewhere beautiful

74. Donate a park bench and dedicate it to love

75. Host a beautiful Christmas Day BBQ

76. Read every book on my bookshelf at any one time

77. Write a memoir

78. Buy a car that I really love

79. Read a book in French (and understand it)

80. Learn to make five beautiful cocktails

81. Attend a film festival

82. Eat pizza in Naples

83. Learn basic Mandarin, Spanish, German, Japanese, Arabic & Russian

84. Take a regular cooking class

85. Own a beautiful piece of art

86. Be a godmother

87. Go to the beach every morning for a summer

You may notice that I called this "the one hundred", yet there is only 87 things on the list... I think I'll just keep adding as I go.

Do you have a "Bucket List"? Is there anything close to your heart that you would like to accomplish?


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful list and I found myself nodding in agreement with most of the things on there!
I should definitely start my own!

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

It's almost as if I wrote this list myself. This is a FANTASTIC list and I almost hurt my neck from nodding in agreement to everything!

Laura Valerie said...

Yay! I'm so happy that you both liked it :) Thank you so much! xxx

Anonymous said...

Great list! I need to assess my 10 things for the year list to see if I've actually achieved any of them yet!

Laura Valerie said...

Haha Belle, me too. Thank you xx

Anonymous said...

I love this list. Like, Love Love. And I agree with Belinda, it's almost as though I wrote it myself. You've inpsired me to tackle my own list. The one I wrote in high school. In fact, I am going to find it, photograph it and put it on wordsmithlane.

But a word of advice. Buy your Chanel bag before your first home, that's the way I did it, and considering my mortgage repayments, it worked out so much better that way :)
Sarah xx

Anonymous said...

AT first perusal I thought you had achieve all of these things and was wondering how on earth you had achieved these at such a young age. Then I realised it was just the purple ones - shew, I don't feel like a lesser mortal anymore. I love lists and have one of my own too, also in progress.